May 8th, 2005
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We’re at the top, we’re going higher!


It’s funny, some of my mates are hard to convince to do things. Other, it’s a piece of cake.

Guy: You know what? I’ve never been to Blackpool.

Rhys: Fancy going?

Guy: Go on then.

So, after much persuasion, and we felt like it, we decided to go to Blackpool.

Don’t believe me? Here, have a picture.

Believe me, you cynical bastards. Luckily for you, I kept a blog of my thoughts.

2:30 – Arrive in Blackpool. Yay! Walk straight past Rumours, a bar where all the staff walk around in lingerie. Got slightly disappointed (but greatful) when we saw the bouncers, and they weren’t in lingerie. Probably going to head back there.

3:00 – Bumped into some drunken girls dressed in army gear. They ranged from the stunningly gorgeous who you would do daily, nightly and ever so rightly to the hideous. Unfortunately, the hideous one decided to flash her boobs at us. Well….A for effort at least. No picture taken, due to us being the only two people on the seafront with any sort of class.

3:05 – Guy farts. We laugh. Bang goes the class.

3:15 – Went into Coral Island, the biggest arcade in Blackpool. Coolest bit was playing Daytona USA with the car seats on hydraulics. I hammer Guy and some other bloke on it. I so rule.

3:30 – Go for fish and chips.

Mmmmmm…tasty! Nicest food known to man, and proper too! Unfortunately, left unimpressed with the ‘small’ coke, which was very, very small.

Couldn’t fucking drown a spider in that.

Also noticed that Coral Island was advertising an opportunity for you to “Meet the stars of your favourite TV shows”. Which is all well and good. If your favourite TV show is Coronation Street.

4:00-5:30 – So begins 1 and a half hours of pure gambling. All sorts of fruit machines, all over the place. How many jackpots did we win?

Just one. Bugger. We headed back to the train station after that, as we were planning on meeting a few people we know in Preston. Preston is a cheap shithole.

All in all, a good day was had by both of us. That’s one thing I love about being a student. Random days out like that rule!

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