May 30th, 2005
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You know your life is boring….


…when you start doing meme’s. This one I saw on Laura’s Blog, and I quite like it, so I’m sharing it with you. Proper update to follow at the end of this.

3 names I go by: Rhys, Welshie, Chomp.

3 screen names I’ve had: Going from old Counter Strike Names: Errr….Urusla D. Fatfuck, Dtve. Sandy Vagina, and Dickie Snapples (the elf that steals apples)

3 physical things I like about myself: Apparently, in my life I’ve been told I have nice eyes and nice lips, so there’s two. I suppose my hands are quite nice. All……hand-like.

3 parts of my heritage: Welsh on my dad’s side, English on my mum’s, but it can be Argentine on my mum’s, if you go back far enough.

3 things I am wearing right now: Socks, guiness T-shirt and jeans.

3 favorite bands/musical artists: Up until a week ago I would of said Oasis. But since I don’t really like their new album, they’re no longer one of my favourites (god S will be pleased). Ummmm….Feeder, Keane and Hell Is For Heroes are my current picks.

3 favorite songs: First one has got to be “Creep”. Not neccesarily by Radiohead (as both Damien Rice and Scaling have done cracking Acoustic and Emo Death Metal versions respecitvely), just that it’s a quality song. “Champagne Supernova”, just as a throw your hands up in the air and around your mates anthemic balls up tune. And finally “I Can Climb Mountains” by Hell Is For Heroes, purely for the Nivarna esque structure, a key change that does make the song so much better, and for the line “I can run, I can’t hide. I will swallow failure, and shit out pride.”.

Special mentions must go to Feeder’s “Just a Day”, a song that you can’t stay still to, and The Zutons’ “Confusion”, as it has happy memories associated with it.

3 things I want in a relationship: humour really, got to be a laugh. Don’t know what else really, I suppose easy going like myself would be nice.

3 physical things about the preferred sex that appeal to me: eyes (especially when they smile), being huggable and boobs (yeah I’m shallow)

3 favourite hobbies: IT (it includes game playing, programming, blogging and surfing the internet), poker and ten pin bowling.

3 Things I want to do badly right now: get this website which I’m building finished, sleep, watch Big Brother.

3 things that scare me: Death. Failure. Snails.

3 of my everyday essentials: phone, computer and wallet.

3 Careers you have considered or are considering: teacher, computer programmer and professional poker player.

3 places you want to go on vacation: Monaco, Japan, Australia.

3 kids’ names you like: If I ever had a baby girl, she will be called Seren (Welsh for star). I don’t really think about names too much.

3 things you want to do before you die: go handgliding, go to Las Vegas, write a book.

3 ways I am stereotypically a boy: Beer, farts and a semi-competitive streak.

3 ways I am stereotypically a girl: I cry too much, I take things far too personally, I can bitch about people.

3 celeb crushes: Lucy Pinder, Anna Paquin, Amy Lee (from Evanescence) are my three favourites at my moment, incidentally the first time in 3 years that Avril Lavigne hasn’t been there. I must be getting old.

And threre you have it. Not interesting but at least you know I’m not dead. What have I been upto? Well, I’ve had my first day back in the Zoo for the summer, and also I’ve been creating a side project: a portal to host all my games (written in XML). It’s going to be hosted on the same server as this site, and Sarah’s already seen a bit of it, and she was impressed (well, about as impressed as she could be).

Yesterday I also built a barbecue, go me for being all manly! But that’s about it really.

In order to soften the blow of this rather dull blog entry, please look at this video. It’s been cracking me up for the past week, as I’ve played a bit of Warcraft, and found it so dull to play, with people so anally retentive as those who are speaking on this video. Trust me, be it Counter Strike, poker, or like Andrei Shevchenko in the penalty shoot out last week, everybody at times becomes a Leroy Jenkins.

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