June 2nd, 2005
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A Summer Love Affair All Over Again


Every year I say the same thing “I’m not getting addicted to Big Brother, no, not again.”. This year, I’ve set a record.

I’ve become addicted after only 3 days.

I don’t know why, I really, really don’t. I’m 21, I’m intelligent, I’m everything that would make me the perfect candidate to not watch Big Brother. I mean, two of the women, have gone on to my very short list of women with big breasts that I don’t fancy.


The Liverpool University student is a mouthy wierdo. One of them’s a complete arrogent cock, one of them is a Tory, another one annoyingly speaks about herself in the third person (a feat only achieved successfully by The Rock), another is a lying doolally individual, another is one who grins with the kind of sultry unfounded arrogence we’ve come to expect from the Italians, another is just an insecure dirty bitch, one I cannot understand, and two have no basis for comment because, quite simply, they have no commentable characteristics whatsoever.

In fact, the only one who I actually want to win is a dirty Arsenal fan!

In short, the housemates have the grand total of 4 redeeming features between them.

And, the best thing is? It’s complusive, brilliant viewing, and I love it.

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