June 30th, 2005
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Big Boredom


Every year upto now, I try and avoid Big Brother as much as possible, but I end up getting hooked. This year was different, as I went in gung-fucking-ho and watched it from day one. And, a few weeks in, I can say I’m bored of it.

“But it’s the best series ever!” I hear you all scream. Apparently it is, but then so’s every year. This year I just haven’t wanted any of them to win. I don’t care for any of them, as they are all pricks. Hate to say it, but actually some of the more* sane housemates have left the house (even though they were never huge favourites of mine), left are the cocky southerners (who, to be fair, I liked for a bit. But they’re turning into the kind of people who are you’re friends, yet they’re staying at your house, and they overstay their welcome, never clean up after themselves and use up all the bog roll), and the slightly more likeable errr….everyone else. So in the end, I just thought “fuck it, I’ve got better things to do with my time. I can talk about something else over our morning cup of tea in the zoo. Like football, or video games, or one of the hundreds of better shows on the box at the moment.

Ah, such is the beauty of sky. Sure, you can watch 40 hours of Big Brother a week, or – like me at the moment – 40 seconds.

* Funny story: Sarah always complains that people from “The Wrong Side of T’Pennines” (ie Yorkshire) have the most blandest taste in food. Lesley, being a young girl, no doubt like’s a curry. The curry she likes (look at the favourite food) no doubt proves that theory.

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