June 25th, 2005
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It’s not who I am underneath, but what I do, that defines me.


Apologies for the lack of updates, I’ve been busy with a few side projects and such like. I’d love to say I have been working, but I haven’t. In fact, the last two days I have been off, mainly to celebrate my mate’s move to the US for the summer. It’s all very scary.

Anyway, me and a few of my mates went to see Batman Begins in Cineworld in Llandudno (I’m only saying it on the off chance I get free tickets). To be honest, I wasn’t holding much hope for it. I went to see it largely half-arsedly (I was very happy sitting playing Wave Race on my N64, thank you very much), for something to do. I had seen the last two – which were awful – and I wasn’t expecting much. Couple that with the fact it was 2 and ahalf hours long, and it was a gorgeous midsummer’s night, I honestly thought that I will not like it. Nay, hate it.

My, how wrong I was.

The film is bloody brilliant! I neglected two facts. Firstly, the director is not the same as the last two. So, instead of the cartoony style of Batman Forever and Batman & Robin, you get the darker stylings of the origional and the first sequel. The second fact is that Christian Bale is brilliant as Batman. Christopher Nolan did a brilliant piece of casting, and – whilst I don’t like him in the same way Ally does (who goes on to prove in her post the direct correlation between Welshmen and attractiveness), I still think he’s brilliant. I’m kissing arse a bit here, but I can honestly say of all the fims I have seen Christian Bale in, every single one of them has been brilliant.

The film is a lot moodier and less campy than the last two with the armour sixpack. There is a bad guy who – unlike Dr. Freeze in the last one – you actually hate for all the right reasons. The film opens up a hell of a lot of channels at the beginning and closes them all up at the end. There’s twists, there’s emotion, there’s balls up action, there’s a shit hot car chase. This film could be the best film of the summer. Yes, even better than Star Wars III. At no time did I feel like I wanted to leave the cinema (a rarity for me), and was only once not engrossed in it. Probably one of the best films I’ve ever seen.

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