June 17th, 2005
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Rhys Wynne BSc


Bugger me, I did it.

After 3 years of living like a bum, I’ve got something to show for it: a 2:1 in Computer And Multimedia Systems, from the University of Liverpool. That sounds so impressive. I ended up overall with a 64.5% average, which is pretty good. No thanks to Ian though, who put the kiss of death on me saying “you know, I wouldn’t be suprised if you got a first!”. Which meant that wednesday morning I was sick with worry. Half of me was thinking “fuck me, what if I do get a first?”, and the second half was thinking “fuck me, what if I get a fail?”. Both were equally likely to happen. I’m just happy I got a safe 2:1.

Hell, a first was out of the question really, I left myself an social-life-ruining mountain of work to achieve a first, so I was concentrating on not fucking up. I’m in good company of those who also got a 2:1. I mean, there’s Prince William, and he’s a hit with the ladies, isn’t he?

In order to celebrate my degree, I had a 11ish hour bender (starting at roughly 3pm). Well, I say 11 hour, I don’t remember the last two hours. Apparently I rang S up sometime during that. Fuck only knows what else I got up to.

Anyway, to answer the question on everybody’s lips, boxers. Sorry. To answer the other question on everybody’s lips, I have no idea what I want to do now. I’m staying in Liverpool for at least another year, but don’t fancy becoming career orientated just yet. I just want a 9 to 5 unimportant job for the time being, just so I can get the money rolling in, but for another reason.

I’ve spent the last 3 years studying something. Now I’m going to spend the next few months finding out why I started studying it in the first place.

I need to regain my love for technology and computers. I used to scarily enjoy programming, but university didn’t exactly make me enthusiastic for making it into a career. Not the actual programming bit, but the side things (the planning and evaluation stages bored the bollocks off of me), and a lot of the theory was dry. I know I can regain my love for it, just need time.

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