June 3rd, 2005
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The Trouble It’s Cre8ed


Couple of days ago, Bob Geldof urged a call to arms, for one million people to descend on Scotland’s capital city of Edinburgh, to protest at the G8 summit, which will be held there.

I will be one of those million people.

As will my entire family.

Before you look at me thinking “Rhys! You have naturally laid back, life-is-perfect attitude. You didn’t strike me as the type who would trash McDonalds in a heartbeat.”, and you’d be right. I’m not. It’s just that the W5 (which is the collection of the Wynne family, and it sounds cool doing that) will be in Edinburgh, for our yearly family holiday.

Yes, call me shortsighted, but I really don’t want my hotel being bricked. Admittedly, the McRae family’s hotel is not quite McDonalds in terms of global capitalism stakes, but there’s nothing stopping some doped up unemployed hippie from lobbing a brick through the window. I am, no pun inteneded, bricking it.

You never know however, I may get caught up in the mood, like I did a week ago and end up throwing a brick/stone/table/small child through the window of the Nike Store*, climbing up any statue, cover it with graffiti, trip on acid, learn to play the guitar and make out with some hippie named Flora (I’m secretly hoping for the last two). But, if I’m to be honest, I really can’t see that happening. The likliest thing to happen is the last one, and that’s a long shot at best. Whilst the people of the world will be protesting against “big issues”, I’ll have my issues. Mainly involving beer, and lots of it.

To be fair, it’s only for a few days, but I don’t want to spend a day of my 5 day break cooked up in a hotel (which, as far as I know, doesn’t have a bar), whilst people with nothing better to do protest all around me.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for supporting the “Make Poverty History” foundation (I bought a band and all), but I just feel that a million people going to Edinburgh could be detrimental to the cause.

Bloody students, I h8 them.

* Which there may not be one in Edinburgh. I don’t know.

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