June 29th, 2005
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I checked S’ blog yesterday, and there was a post from anonymous (who later turned out to be somebody from Punclox), about the status of my relationship with S.

The truth is, that me and S have split up.

You may have noticed the occasional comment on her blog, and a comment by her on my blog. This is because we broke up on great terms in late May (the day of the European Cup Final) and, whilst at the time I was a little miffed, I’ve grown to understand and realise that it’s probably the best thing to do.

Sarah was my first relationship of any kind, I shared so many firsts with her, but we were two completely different people. So, although initial protests (which, I’ll be honest, did involve somemoew manly tears) by the inexperienced yours truly, I do feel better off as friends.*

I suppose the whole nature of being single again scared me. I have never really been a hit as such with the ladies, and probably a little too shy on nights out to mingle with members of the opposite sex. The comfort of a relationship was nice to have (especially for the last six months, where I had other priorities instead of pulling), and I was blinded by comfort.

This is not a shot on Sarah too, she has been nothing but honest with me since day 1. The second that she wasn’t happy, she told me. We tried to work it out, it didn’t, we split up. Although my view on relationships is disturbingly small, I feel that should couples in this world can communicate with each other, then maybe they wouldn’t be throwing divorce papers everywhere.

So, to summerize the burning questions that everybody had: 1. Yes, me and Sarah split up in late May. 2. The ‘probelms’ (as such) was that mainly we would have trouble seeing each other in the next few months. 3. We’re cool about it (even though I was reluctant to begin with, now I’m fine with it). 4. I’m back on the pull again. As such, if you are female, attractive and in the possession of a brewery, and have a thing for geeky, slightly overweight, patriotic Welshmen, please get in touch.

Failing that, I can just do this.

*Sarah, please don’t comment with the words “Hate to say I told you so!”

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