July 7th, 2005
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I did have a post about graduation, but I don’t feel like posting that today, as one story has dominated today.

The blasts in Central London

Although if you switch on the television to any news channel, you’ll hear all about it, so I cannot really say anything, but my own personal experiences.

I’m lucky. I’m lucky I don’t live near London, and I only know of one of my closest friends who lives “Dahn Sahf” (who I haven’t heard from yet, but I think he’s okay, as he was online for a bit this morning at around 10.), and even then it’s a good 30 miles outside from London. (Edit: Just heard from him, he’s been on the fucking golf course all day! Lazy bastard.)

Nevertheless I am pretty shocked. I heard reports coming through earlier on today before going to work, and assumed it was just a power surge – as they suggested. However, when I got to work, I heard the worst, that it was probably bombs.

it’s been very surreal in work today. People – who should be enjoying themselves – were all stood around in the cafe listening to the 15 minutes updates from Radio 1 (a couple of the customers demanded for the radio to be turned up, even when we turned it down). There was most definitely an air of solomness in the zoo, even though we are miles away from the epicentre.

One customer struck me. He was a bus driver on one of the buses in London. He took the week off this week for a holiday in Llandudno, and said “he’s very, very lucky.”. He was visibly shaking, and not enjoying his day.

I suppose I over-react, but I’m a bit apprehensive going on holiday tomorrow, in Edinburgh.

Anyway, they are my thoughts at the moment, as well as those that are with the people who are injured or who have lost someone. London will continue, no doubt about it (a mate has booked a romantic weekend with his girlfriend this morning in a B&B in central london, so normality is returning). The blame will be placed, but I hope that the world will return to the same state it was in yesterday.

Graduation update tomorrow.

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