July 12th, 2005
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Bonnie Scotland


Ocheye the noo!

Yes, I’m still in Edinburgh, in an Internet Cafe, and having a pretty good time. More will follow, including some pictures, but here’s what has happened this week.

  • Edinburgh has the highest pub per square mile ratio of anywhere in the UK. Fact. After experiencing a few nights out in such bars, I’m inclined to agree. Scotland (but especially Edinburgh) has a more lax view on life than anywhere in England, which is definitely a good thing.
  • You get two types of Scottish people. The first type is your stereotypical Scotsman: ginger hair, pale skin and a firery temper. Nobody knows why they fly off the handle so often, but I’d be pissed off if I was a ginner. These are in abundance in Scotland. The second type is the more secluded type. These you see on the nights out and having a generally good time. These people rule.
  • I haven’t pulled in Scotland, but that doesn’t really suprise me. A lot of Scottish men have the chisseled, well defined, Mel Gibson esque features that most women drool over. This automatically put me at a disadvantage. As a double disadvantage most of the Scottish women have the chisseled, well defined, Mel Gibson esque features that most women drool over.
  • There are a load of Irish birds here, and they have been known to find me attractive, especially on Saturday night, when a couple of them came over and spoke to me (more of this on the big update). However, I found out that my brother is useless at pulling……
  • ….Though, I’m not much better
  • Scotland at the moment is hot. Very hot. As such, the Sun have ran a photoshoot a few days ago, more on that tomorrow too :).
  • Haggis (the traditional scottish dish), is gorgeous. Very filling however I didn’t eat the skin, it was all mushed up.
  • Edinburgh isn’t hit as bad as some cities with global companies, and there are a lot of shops that aren’t huge shops (ie. Topshop, HMV, Waterstones). One shop that does dominate is Subway, and the Smoked Scottish Salmon Six-Inch Sub – whilst being difficult to say – is gorgeous. But besides Subway, I’ve only seen two Starbucks, and only one of that famous Scottish restaurant – McDonalds.

Right, that’s your lot for today, I will be heading back to Liverpool tomorrow, whilst making a stop to see S in Preston. I’ll probably upload some of the better photos from my cameraphone tomorrow, with proper pictures to return on Sunday.

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