July 17th, 2005
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Bonnie Wynne


Yesterday, whilst I was at a wedding with S (details to follow, if I can be arsed), my mum made sure the newest member of the Wynne household was well recieved.

The attractive little thing in the picture, is me. However, on my left is our new dog, a jack russell called Bonnie.

It’s wierd, I’ve had an irrational phobia of dogs (hence the forced smile), I’ve been relegated to 2nd cutest member of the Wynne family (in your face, third place mum!), the little bitch has been chewing on my 3/4 length trousers, it pisses in more places than Rick after a night out, and it gets more attention than I do.

But guess what? I don’t care, it’s gorgeous, it’s fun, it’s not going to turn around and ask you for anything, it’s not going to mess with your head and it’s not going to complain about anything. It is going to give you the time of day, and I love it to bits.

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