July 21st, 2005
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Can’t buy Meme Love*


This meme has appeared on a few blogs recently, so I thought “Fuck it! My life is boring, so I’ll participate in it.”. So here we go.

What I was doing ten years ago – 1995.

I finished primary school this year, and started secondary school. I thought “fuck me! I can have a chance to make proper friends now!”. The fact I thought the same when I started university sort of suggests the success of this (only joking anybody who knows me!). I remember having a huge bag which is now being used to smuggle illegal immigrants through customs. The bag, and my hair was the course of a lot of stick, and I used to hate getting the bus home. Oh the pain.

5 years ago – 2000.

Ah, 2000. The summer of love. I finished my GCSE’s, and – though I didn’t have a job – I did have the internet, and a house to myself. No good came from it. However, I did have a quality holiday, where I had my second kiss (which nobody knew). The first one was a year earlier, on the day of the Total Eclipse. The second one was slightly less historical, and a lot less romantic: it was during the first episode of The Weakest Link. I can’t remember much of it, largely due to Anne Robinson overbearing voice ringing in my ears. Oh the pain.

1 year ago – 2004

Roundabout now, I was working in West Kirby for Active Presence. If all of my mates had stayed in Liverpool, then it would probably of been the time of my life. Alas no, and my social life hit rock bottom. So I bought a Sega Saturn. Oh the pain.

Yesterday – Wednesday 20th July

I went to Chester with Vicky to aid her to get ready for her visit to Japan. Also stubbed my toe on my front door. Oh the pain.

5 snacks I enjoy:

1. Kit Kat Chunkies

2. Scones

3. Prawn toast (though not really a snack)

4. Plain McCoy’s Crisps

5. Mini KFC Fillets

5 songs I know all the words to:

1. Brand New – The Quiet Things That No One Ever Knows

2. Feeder – Just A Day

3. Hell is for Heroes – I Can Climb Mountains

4. Radiohead – Creep

5. And thousands more…..

5 Things I would do with $100 million:

1. Get it converted into the pound stirling equivalent.

2. Have a big wank (private joke, ask Sarah).

3. Quit the Zoo

4. Buy a house with a games room, which will include (but not limited to): poker table, arcade machine, pinball table, fruit machines, pool table, dartboard, huge television and a bar.

5. Buy Colwyn Bay FC, and build my perfect 11, and lead them to the Premiership.

5 locations I would like to run away to – Temporarily, not permanently!

1. Amsterdam, if I get **too** lonely.

2. Sweden, think it’s a brilliant country.

3. Magaluf. Especially if I go back in time and go on a holiday which I so should of.

4. Liverpool, Blackpool, Dahn Sahf etc. on a big road trip to see my mates.

5. New York. Just because I want breakfast in NYC once.

5 bad habits I have:

1. A bit of an exaggerator of stories.

2. Nose picker annonymous.

3. I find farts funny.

4. I’m loud.

5. I’m not the tidiest of people.

5 things I like doing:

1. Being sociable

2. Watching TV with mates, and making inappropriate comments.

3. Surfing the Internet

4. Walking (it clears my head).

5. Watching Wrestling

5 things I would never wear:

1. Thongs.

2. Speedos (though I have done in the past).

3. Anything pastel yellow.

4. Anything pink.

5. Anything that costs me more than £100 (suits excluded, as they are at least 3 items)

5 TV shows I like:

1. Takeshi’s Castle.

2. Big Brother

3. WWE or TNA Wrestling

4. The Crystal Maze

5. South Park

5 Biggest joys of the moment:

1. Freedom

2. The fact that I’m losing weight.

3. Friends, when I see them.

4. The fact that my bank account is slowly going up.

5. Tiger Woods Golf: one of the best games ever made.

5 Favorite toys:

1. Internet

2. PS2

3. The little Street Fighter figures that congregate beside my bed

4. My mobile. So much trouble I get upto with it.

5. My PC, which has MAME on it.

Right, that’s your lot. I’m not sure on 10 years ago, but every other one is pretty accurate. See you tomorrow!

* Unless you are certain members of the bowling club, in which case it’s available for 20 Euros.

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