July 31st, 2005
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Poker World. That will be one phrase that sums up yesterday. The fact that I was in work (which letters appear in the phrase “Poker World”….and is also worth 11 points in Scrabble) meant that no huge bender of a night out was possible. Instead, I was shocked that I got a phone call from Goz asking me to play poker.

It was the first time I’ve played for money, usually when I play on Pokerstars (the name rhyswynne….add me to your favourite players list, and I’ll give you a game sometime), I play for fun. Sure, it means that I play the odd silly move, but I think I’m okay at the game. This was the first time I played for money.

Anyway, it was only £2 in, making the pot £6, and, after a few hands, I ammassed a bit of a chip lead, Sibley fell – after a gutsy battle – leaving just me and Goz to fight it out.

I went all in on an Ace King unsuited, and Goz called, putting himself all-in. He had a King, 4 suited. I was odds on favourite…

I lost, due to the last card drawn being a 4, and he had a pair of 4′s against my Ace High.

It brought it back to near-level, with me having a slight lead. Luckily for me, Goz’s agressive play meant that I called a set of 8′s against his two Aces. A big hand, which he was hoping for an Ace. Nothing came up, and I took the pot, leaving him with a mere 60 chips left, and I ended up winning.

£6, at the moment for me, is nothing to be sniffed at!

After celebrating my victory, I headed home for the night. Switched on to Itv, and – lo and behold – more TV poker! Christ, as if we don’t get enough of it on Challenge. Unfortunately, due to it being Itv, they have dumbed it down. I don’t know why, but they didn’t even use proper terminology. When somebody had an “Open-Ended Stright Draw” (when you have an 5,6,7,8 and a 4 or a 9 would make a straight), they said “He’s got an Up-And-Down Chance of a Straight”. Jeez. They called the Button “The Dealer Badge”. They even had dramatic music for when somebody went “All-In”. It was just a bit silly, and it did lead to my brother shout at my telly a few times.

Finally head over to Today’s 5 Things, where I’ve gatecrashed the 2 year birthday party!

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