July 2nd, 2005
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Highly Trained, Highly Accurate, Haile Selassie


Today, is one of those days that will make history. Today is one of those days that you will tell your grandchildren about, that today – today – the world stood still for one event, that brought good to the planet as a whole.

Live8? Fuck that. Some fucker won Takeshi’s Castle!

For the unitiated, Takeshi’s Castle is a Japanese gameshow where 100 contestants under the tutelage of the ladies favourite General Lee try and storm the castle of count takeshi’s. The 100 are whittled down to about 4 or 5 after some really funny games, which usually results in comedy/painful exits. The remaining 5 or so try and storm the castle by penetrating a paper ring on the Takeshi-Mobile (using a water pistol) whilst trying to protect your ring from penetration on you vehicle. The emerald guard and count takeshi with their more powerful water pistols do their best.

Hardly anybody wins the game (so much so that I’m unsure what the prize is), and today was the first time I saw a winner. Couldn’t tell you their names, as Craig Charles (Lister from Red Dwarf) provides commentary over the event. But there was a definite winner.

I have now finished work for two weeks (bar next Thursday), I’ve had the last 7 days in, and I am due a rest (slept in today until around half 10, which is unusual, as I’m usually up and about at around 8ish). Nevertheless, it has been fun, with the birth of the BNI Index, the fact that we have to do no more mopping due to the appointment of specialized cleaning staff (who could do a better job than us anyway) and the increased idolization of both Cillit Bang, and Sheriff John Bunnell. Nevertheless, I needed the two weeks off, what with graduation and Edinburgh and a wedding and all. But most of all, I’ll be glued to Takeshi’s!

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