July 3rd, 2005
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Public Transport? Expensive?


Today, I’ve been really, really good.

As you may be aware, in just over a week, I will be heading upto Scotland for a holiday. Whilst that does mean I’ll be travelling through shitholes like Carlisle and Preston, it does mean that I will be spending my first ever week in Edinburgh (and indeed Scotland), on my first holiday for two years. It should be all plain sailing, right?


Due to me being a bit of a prick, and not realising my dates, I realised that I had screwed up my plans. Whilst avoiding my graduation ceremony by days, my impending return from Edinburgh would co-incide with a friend’s wedding, which I said I would go to.

After a couple of hours of bellyaching, I realised that it was my mess, and I had to sort it out. So I decided to cut my holiday short by one day, and get down to Liverpool by any means necessary. Which, in this case, is a train.

I had quickly surfed the internet before and saw that if I was inflexible (which I usually am), the journey would cost me £46.

However, a more thorough search leaded in me booking this ticket.



Needless to say, I bought it, before the computer decided to change it’s mind. Twelve pounds to travel 230 miles – just over 5p a mile. A saving of a whopping £34. Needless to say, I am currently walking with a big spring in my step, now that I’ve got just that little extra bit of money to spend on holiday. Nobody can say to me now public transport is expensive. If they do, then thay are a Lenny Liar.

To travel from Colwyn Bay to Liverpool would cost a little over £10, and that’s a journey of less than 100 miles. Why is it so cheap? Question is, do I really care?

Money was also saved when I was outbid with minutes to go on this auction. The bid was done drunk, and – after ressurrecting my old GBA (the un-SP version) – I decided I don’t really need one, as I don’t have time to play it.

Finally, I did watch Live8 yesterday, if that makes me a hypocrite, then so be it.

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