July 21st, 2005
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Question of the fortnight


There seems to be a general (and varied) concensous which is disturbing me. It’s been eating my mind, body and soul. I thought I’d get the most general concensous possible, my 50 million readers:-

Do I look anything like Eugene from Big Brother?

I mean, it’s not bad yet: nobody has come upto me in the street and said I was Eugene. However, a number (and a quite disturbing number: lets say it’s more than 10) of people say that I not only bear similarities looks to Eugene (albeit slightly podgier….the pic above is old, just thought it matches the smile the most), but I also have similar mannerisms to him. For example, I was watching Big Brother tonight, and Eugene was in the living room, and he was sitting on the sofa exactly the same way I was. Same arm and leg position. I also apparently have the same “dramatic pause” (quote from Vicky) when telling anecdotes and stories, and I usually generate the tumbleweeds that Eugene gets.

So what do you think? Do I or don’t I? I suppose it could be worse and look like Kinga.


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