August 17th, 2005
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Nothing much is happening in my life at the moment, so I’ve been trying to shift into a faster gear. Last night I went to the Rhos Fynach to participate in the pub quiz there. It was wierd, as we saw one of our old teachers there, and he was smoking! Okay, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with it (and – to be honest – some of the people he had to teach would be unbearable), nevertheless, it was shocking. It’s similar to seeing your local vicar pissing in the street following a night out on the ales, or…..Santa Claus porn.

Was good fun though, and we did pretty good! Much better than last week. We were one point off winning £10 behind the bar, a shit prize, I know, but still worthwhile.

Also organised is something else. I cannot talk much about it (as it’s a suprise for one of my readers who knows me – oooh that’ll get you all excited), but it’s quite a speciality service (no rude comments). Either way, I needed help to find this service. If TV has taught me nothing else (and it hasn’t), it’s taught me to ring 118-118 for enquires.

From my experience, I say one thing: I want to work for these people! It’s such a cushty job by the sound of it. Person has problem, person rings up another person, person finds solution, person leaves happy. Lord knows I was. I had an amicable conversation with the girl (who introduced me as Louisa, or Liza. I dunno), who I fell ever so slightly in love with, and I put down the phone a few minutes later a happy man.

And, I suppose you’ll be on a fair bit. It cost me a pretty penny.

Edit: In creating this post, I used Google for research, as always. Type in 118-118 into Google, and see the first result. It caused me to say “Isn’t that clever!”. Can Google not achive anything?

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