August 8th, 2005
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Band On The Run


I was not in a good mood on Sunday morning. The weather was gorgeous – which meant the Zoo’d be busy. There was a shortage of staff, due to a few firings and a few people leaving, and the coffee machine was on the blink. And my day was to get…well….a little interesting.

“Rhys, the Zoo got broken into last night, and a box of crisps, a case of Bass Shandy, and a can of pop have been nicked,”, the supervisor said, “and”, he continued sarcastically, “everybody’s a suspect.”.

Me? suspected of committing a crime outside of Grand Theft Auto and that unfortunate case of Inciting Racial Hatred in 2001 (I’ll explain later)? How terribly exciting. Now I know how Ms. Scarlet feels.

Despite my body wanting to take off, become a fugitive that will hunted down by the police like Harrison Ford in….errr…..The Fugitive, I waited. Waited and heard what exactly happened.

“Yeah, nothing’s been nicked as such. Just what I’ve mentioned. Apparently the rubbish is all over the zoo at the moment, and it’s been clearing up. Some of the shandy ended up in the Penguin enclosure.”

Unfortunately, reports of the penguins getting pissed, fighting each other over some bird (quite literally), and stumbling home wanting a kebab are unfounded.

A few hours later, the people from Crime Scene Investigation arrived, and I’d be lying if I said I didn’t think “oooh, CSI!”. I’d also be lying if I said I was the only one who thought that.

A few informal questions were asked to me (as I locked the door last night they used to enter the zoo. Even though I had locked both latches, the bottom one was still locked while the top one was off it’s hinge, wierd), and they got a few fingerprints, and they were off.

Either way, it was pretty exciting, and we had something to talk about for the rest of the day, which didn’t go half as bad as I expected. More news on this story as it develops ;).

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