August 7th, 2005
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It’s been an interesting few days to say the least, firstly I withdrew my notice from the zoo until further…errr…notice. Reason being is that job hunting in Liverpool is not going too well, and it’s bloody difficult to search anyway, when you’re 60 miles from your interview destination, then there’s no point going. I’d be a lot richer if I stay the summer, and also my social life picked up, as I’ve been to the pub twice in two days. Admittedly, it doesn’t match the pub/lecture/pub/lecture/pub/tea/pub combination of March 8th this year, but it still was pretty good. We saw a minor local celebrity in ex Man U player and Money counterfitter Mickey Thomas (the picture to the right…though he’s lost his mullett now) in the pub on Friday!

This beer has made a huge difference to the outlook on my life, but not on my waistline. I’ve now dropped down to under 14 and a half stone, the first time I have since about the age of 3, and a huge one and a half stone dropped since I finished university! Although at the moment I’m a bit see-sawy on the scales (some days I drop a few pounds, some days I put them on), generally I’m going in the right direction, and fast. Those who want a skinny, sexy Rhys (myself and the entire female population included) will be dissappointed that I’m still very podgy, but there’s muscle underneath! I kind of look similar to Homer in that episode of the simpsons when he trains throughout the night to climb that mountain. He poses in front of the mirror and tenses, and he’s muscly, but when he relaxes he returns fat. I’m like that at the moment, though not as obvious. Either way, I’m feeling physically a lot better now. Whilst I cannot run a marathon, I don’t get out of breath so quickly, especially that walk home. Plus, I’m sure I’ll probably be a bit more active in…certain situations (which I’m not experiencing at the moment). Normally I’d be usually lying back and thinking of Wales.

One thing to break my confidence is my 100% record is broken. Yes, I now feel so dirty. My ebay profile now has one non-positive vote:-

When I read this, I let out a “NAC YDW!”, and then see what I done to piss off Mr. Neutral. I posted the item quickly, and it was fully working before postage. It turns out that “The battery cover was missing with the purchase”. Hmmm…..let me check my auction.

So, I’m in the clear, it’s the buyers fault. Not mine.

As well as on their days off when they visit the zoo, and at the petrol station*, the general public also become inexplicably stupid when they browse eBay.

* This refers to my dad, who – despite driving a diesel car all his life – still manages to fuck it up by filling up with petrol. Ninny.

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