August 22nd, 2005
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Du Yu Sudoku?


Sudokus. I love ‘em, I hate ‘em, they screw up my coffebreak, my relationship with my brother, and my chances of getting laid in the last few months. Sudoku’s are the bane of my life, and the love of my life at the moment. Hell, I’ve even made a game of Sudoku’s when I should of been writing my Thesis.

It’s not just me though, a few of my mates have been bitten with the Sudoku bug, and half the country have too: with books on the subject selling in numbers not seen since the release of the Gutenberg Bible. But – with all this talk of sudokus, and my experience – I’ve noticed something rather peculiar.

At home, I read the Daily Mail. The only reason is that it’s the only paper (I can’t be arsed buying one). I feel it’s hatred propaganda bollocks haven’t taken a hold on me. Anyway, I only read it for Peanuts and the Sudokus. Should I be on my travells, I usually buy a copy of The Guardian. They have a brilliant technology section seemingly lacking in most other papers. The sudoku in that is piss easy. In the paper I can complete the sudoku fairly easily. In work, there’s the Sun or the Star. This kind of shows the kind of people I work with. I read it if I’ve got nothing better to do, and I do the Sudokus, or at least try. They are almost impossible.

This has lead me to the conclusion that the quality of the paper is inversely proportional to the difficulty of the sudoku.

Sorry, just thought I’d share that with the world. Have a picture of Lucy Pinder.

Oof…you would.

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