August 2nd, 2005
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Getting Out More


To answer Ally’s question in my comment box: yes. Yes I do need to get out more.

Although I’ve had two games of poker recently, my social life has come to an abrupt halt. It’s been a week since I last saw the inside of a pub, over 3 weeks since the last time I was completely wasted (thank you very much Chris and Karen’s wedding…oooh, I’ve got photos of that!), and a depressing three months since I last got laid.

If you ever visit my neck of the woods: Colwyn Heights, you will know that it’s kind of a self contained community, and a bugger to get around if you don’t drive. The one pub we have near us is over-priced real ale pub, with no real evening entertainment: no pool tables, no music, not even a quiz night. People just go in, eat, then leave. Sure, it’s fine if you’re the sort of people who can hold a conversation, but I can’t. I don’t mean that in an anti-social kind of way, but I generally run out of things to talk about.

My group of friends has – as one of my mates put it – “splintered”. Although I don’t agree with the terminology, I do agree to an extent. Whilst it is a good thing (as I’m now doing things that I enjoy immensely – such as going to the cinema and poker nights), it does mean I’m not doing as much overall. Which I don’t mind, but you – my faithful readers – probably do.

There is one light at the end of the tunnel though, and that’s two weeks today.

I’m going back to Liverpool, for good.

I handed in my notice to the Zoo on Saturday and, whilst they were sad to lose me, they do accept my decision. They also said that they would help me look for work in Liverpool (a few of them have friends in high places, which is nice, and well beyond their call of duty). However, the wheels of employment have already started turning in Liverpool, with me sending off applications to do with my degree. Few of them have nothing to do with my course, which is fine, as I’m slowly regaining the love for programming and computer related stuff (I’ve got a game going at the moment which could turn into the first game I publish, wish me luck on this one), and hopefully earn myself a little bit of money with that, and working full time.

Then, and only then, will my life get more interesting.

Until that point, I will keep talking about Big Brother, fantasy orgies, and poker.

Which, to be honest, isn’t that bad, is it?

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