August 12th, 2005
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I Will NOT Diminish My Character!


Evening all. You’ll no doubt will be pleased to hear that I’m feeling a lot happier today. Thank you all so, so much for all your kind comments, via e-mail, the comment box and even the odd text. My faith in humanity has been well and truly restored.

Just want to clear up a few facts from yesterday.

The major reason for the outburst was mainly from a bad day in work. Work yesterday had a lot of new people, and I’m sure you all know what it’s like when somebody new starts, feelers take a few days to come out. As work consisted of me, my brother, the boss and two new people, I felt I had nobody to talk to. Which would be fine, except for the fact that one of the other workers on site commented with the phrase “Christ Rhys! You’re useless on the dishwasher, no wonder your fucking girlfriend dumped you!”, which put me in a horrible mood. This guy is an arsehole, who has refused to do the dishwasher on a number of occasions, he’s telling me what to do! Seriously, the fucker needs to be sent to the army just so he gets some sense beaten into him, either that or herpes.

The second point is the “Depression is weakness” point. The point can be best explained by using the Enalogy of recently evicted from Big Brother – Craig. When he first cried over Anthony, I’m sure the whole nation was like “awwwww….poor Criag, unrequited love is horrible”. But then, he keeps going on and on and on. People (such as myself) got bored of it, and – what do you know – he was evicted.

I don’t want to be like Craig, and be depressed all the fucking time. Well, I can be, but not talk about it. I suppose I’m very bad like this. I hate hearing about everybody’s problems, so I don’t tell people mine. Hence the “Depression is weakness” comment.

And now onto good news.

Tomorrow night is my first proper night out in ages, as I’ll be heading to Broadway for the first time in about half a century. Although it’s shit, overpriced and full of 18 year olds groping you, I can’t wait to go. Largely due to the 18 year olds groping you. I would say I’ve hit the dirty perverted stage following people get following a breakup, but – truth be told – I’ve always been dirty and perverted.

It’s going to be a bender – starting at 3pm – with a few beers in front of Sky Sports – with a barbecue, Llandudno Weatherspoons and ending up either going home or going to someone else’s home at 3am. 12 hours of drunken mayhem not experienced for ages. I cannot wait.

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