August 10th, 2005
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It’s Back!


On Saturday, just as whoever wins Big Brother (please, please be Eugene) will have a new life and a hundred grand in the kitty, there will be something that will tide you until next May, when the World Cup will begin.

Yes, it’s the new Premiership Season.

Last year, Chelsea dominated the league from start to finish, bringing much joy to Guy, and everybody else much misery (discounting one side of Liverpool). Hopefully this year it will be closer.

Of course, it’s also the start of the 2nd Annual The Gospel According To Rhys Fantasy Football league. Last year, there was a suprising performance by Jake, but the mysterious “La Resistance” dominated the league from start to finish. Hopefully this year will not be the case, and it’ll be more open.

For the unaware, Fantasy Football works by picking 11 players who are currently with the Premiership. Depending on how they perform over the 38 games of the Premiership, they score points and the one with the most points at the end of it wins the league. Simple.

There are many systems to run a fantasy football league, though I’ve plumped with the Yahoo! League. It’s run by Carling Opta stats, so you get points for tackles and passes and such like, as opposed to just the scoring, clean sheets and assists ran by many leagues. Best of all, it’s free.

I’ve set up a private league for this website. Should you wish to sign up, sign into Yahoo! (most people have their own ID), and go to, name your team, then join a private group. Here are the details for the group:

  • Group ID: 12147
  • Group Name: The Gospel League 05/06
  • Group Password: rhys

And may the best man win!

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