September 1st, 2005
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Although the last few weeks in work have been brilliant, I’m kind of going through the motions at work at the moment. Two more days until I move back to Liverpool (temporarily for first, I’ll explain in a bit), but soon hopefully permantly. It’s nice enough around here (you’ll be pleased to hear that I’ve got my head completely sorted from the fucked up posts from a few weeks ago), and – although I don’t want to stay – it’s nice to know I’ve got friends and family here should I need them.

Either way, I’m kinda going through the motions at work: come in, tea, talk about Lost, work whilst discussing football, lunch, more work, another tea, home. Three years it’s been relatively the same, and I’ve had animal escapes, famous visitors, corporate breakfasts and even a minor earthquake. Today was a normal day, up until one point.

We had a powercut.

We’ve never really had a major powercut in about a decade in Colwyn Bay: we just seem to miss them. Last one was – as I said – about 95, when I remember listening to Radio 1 and Stevie Wonder under candlelight with thunder raging out outside. I was happy: I’d missed the school’s swimming gala, but couldn’t play on my C64.

Fast forward 10 years, and during work we had a loss of power. Wasn’t isolated to the zoo as well, as half of Colwyn Bay was out of power. First I blamed Al-Quaida, who’s extensive terrorist activities involved destroying the massive economic budget of a small, North Wales coastal town, then I blamed a few of the work’s scapegoats, then I laughed.

We coped with the powercut. It didn’t last too long (about an hour or so), and a mass cheer was heard when it came back. Whilst we didn’t struggle, it was inconvenient: we couldn’t serve hot drinks (electric kettle), food was slow (we couldn’t leave the food on the electric hot plate), and the sandwhiches were slightly warmer.

However, one thing I noticed whilst the powercut occurred was just how people changed. I – strangely – loved it, as did most of my work mates (we played a game in work whereby should any elderly person came upto us, we had to comment on the powercut with the line: “Just like t’war, int it?”). I dunno why this was, but it put me in a good mood when I didn’t have any electricity (which is wierd, considering how much of my life surrounds plug sockets). Maybe that it was like schackles to my life were set free? Maybe I was having an adverse hangover? I don’t know. Either way, I want another one, just not when I’m in the dentist chair tomorrow.

Minor setbacks aside, my life is looking pretty good at the moment. I have been applying to a few proper jobs in Liverpool, one of which have gotten back to me, and they are arranging an interview as we speak…err…type. As such, I’m heading upto Liverpool on Saturday morning to experience England vs. Wales: The Rematch, a night out and probably a killer hangover. Following that, an interview early next week. Following the interview I return back to Colwyn Bay for a week or so, whilst I get my head straight. Either way, it’s actually a critical few days for me, wish me luck.

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