September 12th, 2005
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Ashes to Ashes


“So far, my favorite thing about cricket is trying to learn the rules. Actually, my *favorite* thing about cricket is the drinking. I’m not normally one for drinking before noon, but it seems so *civilized* when you do it at Lords”

- Mate of mine, who’s just gotten into Cricket, MSN conversation, today

Having no job sucks as you have no money. However, having no job rules as you can watch England reclaiming the Ashes in what was a thrilling day’s cricket, whilst winding up both Aussies and Yanks (who claim that cricket is less of a game than Baseball…losers) on the Fark messageboards. Well, that’s a lie, the ending of bad light sort of fizzled out the play towards the end, nevertheless, the time period between start of play and tea was nerve racking, as fantastic bowling kept the Aussies in it. However, we (and yes, I do mean ‘we’, as officially the team is ‘England & Wales’. I could write a whole post about it, but you really don’t want to hear it) managed to pull it out at the end.

I’ll be honest, I have only a passing interest in cricket. I know more about the game than those silly women who held up those ’9′ scorecards whenever Pietersen hit it for 6, but not much. I suppose I’ve been caught up in the euphoria that has taken over the country. Today is a great day, I have been tottally transfixed by all the games in the series, but this one especially (as it was the only one that pesky work didn’t get in the way). It just is a pain that it’s the last one on terrestrial television, as it’s moving to Sky next year.

In other news: I’ve recently found out the scales broke in our house, so everything weights about 9 pounds less than it should. Which kind of buggers up my diet/weigh loss programme. Unless of course everybody in our family has lost 9 pounds, which would be such a relief.

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