September 16th, 2005
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Cultured? Moi?


I’m not known for my love of art. Probably because such love is thin. Coming from a tacky tourist destination, we’re not known for our art. More for our sunny views (when there’s sun), amusement arcades and kiss me quick hats. Nevertheless, I’m not into artistry, expression, and other bollocks like that.

I was asked by my brand spanking new housemate to go with him to some art thingy in Liverpool. I was bored, I was hungover, I said yes.

It was built up quite a lot, and I wasn’t really expecting a lot. Sure, this is the Capital of Culture and all, but I kind of missed that by.

We went just outside Liverpool to Crosby to see Another Place, a piece of work by Antony Gormley. I dunno what it was all about, and I was a bit miffed when lead to a beach with seemingly nothing on it.

“Look closely,” I was told, “those people aren’t moving.”.

It was the most surreal thing I’ve ever seen. 100 statues of human beings, all identical. Some are almost in the sea, covered up by the mersey tide.

On the left is number 81, on the right is a very hungover Welshman. Two things we noticed.

Once was how honest the artist was. I mean, the statues were supposed to be a self portrait of some sort. But really, I’d give myself a little more downstairs and all. Then again, I’m not an artist.

Second thing was how cold it was there. I’m used to walking along beaches back home and everything, but it seemed very cold. Maybe because the place was very surreal.

All in all, I’d reccommend you to see it. It’s quality, it’s surreal, and it’s – best of all – free.

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