September 7th, 2005
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Hello, how you doing today?


Afternoon everybody, just a bit of an update what’s happening in my life at the moment.

The truth is not much. After being let down on Monday, I’m just sending off applications. Did have an interview with a well known sandwich shop that went well, but not holding up too much hope just yet. Either way, I’ve started emailing more applications off, as – whilst I’m not hugely desperate yet – I’d like to be working. Contacts are e-mailing contacts so that I can find work. I’d love to believe it’s not what you know, it’s who you know, but the fact of 3 or 4 families (including my own) working in the Zoo kind of disproves that.

I’ve been finding ways to entertain myself though (no, not that way Sarah), and I am in danger of becoming a Welsh Dave Gorman: although I’d appreciate the fame and fortune that came from his madcap adventures, I don’t fancy the ridicule and other detriments that come from it (including being very poor at the end, and looking like Roger the Veg Man). Nevertheless, with a disussion with my housemate – which started on what our new housemate’s MSN name escalated into sending random people random text messages.

The premise is simple. I change one number of my phone number to each of the other digits (in this case, my number is 8), send them a text message saying “Hello, how you doing today?” and wait for a reply. Below is a table that charts my success, assuming that the texts were sent at 1:30pm (which they kinda were, it was just as neighbours were starting):

Name Recieved Message? Time of recieved message Comments?
541 No - -
542 No - -
543 No - -
544 No - -
545 No - -
546 No - -
547 No - -
549 No - -
540 No - -

Please understand that this is purely for scientific research. Well, no it’s not, I’m just bored. Nevertheless, I need to regain my love for humanity. Hopefully someone can answer my call.

Or at least a text.

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