September 19th, 2005
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New Job, New PC, New Other Things


I am now employed! Earlier on today I went for a short interview for the same job as talked about here. Basically, the job is call centre work. I’d love to say “ooh, I’m doing it for the experience”, bollocks to that. £6.50 an hour? Thank you very much. I start work on Wednesday, which means I’ll be unable to hound the freshers at the night at the guild by wearing my drag.

I think they get a lucky escape.

Secondly, relating to the same article, I spent a portion of yesterday updating my PC. I also spent a portion of today upgrading my PC. My new ‘toys’ were a new graphics card, and an extractor fan for a spare PCI slot. Unfortunately, the graphics card refused to work first time. Being a pathetic quitter, I gave up, took out the card (which made a hell of a noise, a noise I was trying to fix in this post), and cried my way to the job interview. Whilst there, I thought “hmmm, could I be putting it in the wrong hole?” (a thought that has crossed my name on more than one occasion, though not always to do with PC’s), and would you Adam and Eve it, I was! A bit of jiggling stuff around later, and my PC is up and running, super cool (seriously, the extractor fan is like having air conditioning in my room) and graphics which are incredible (though I’ve only tested it with Counter Strike).

The final thing, the “Other Things”? Well, those who know me know, but I don’t feel confident talking about it just yet, to everybody. I’m only telling you this so that you can either take guesses in a fun game (of sorts), or to keep my readers in suspense. Boy, it’s just like Lost, isn’t it?

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