September 9th, 2005
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Such A Dissappointment….


In honour of England’s “Future World Cup Heroes” crashing to Northern Ireland, (which – I may add, do not find the least bit ‘dissappointing’. Instead, I find it humourous. Trust me, if my buttocks were detatchable I would well and truly be laughing my arse off). So, before the dissappointing post, here’s a picture to remind us all of last night’s events.

Right, onto the dissappointing things. Firstly, I haven’t recieved a text from yesterday, which is a shame, but I did recieved a phone call from a withheld who hung up on me after about 10 seconds, fucking jokers. I have lost all faith in humanity at the moment, unless I get a text off somebody.

Secondly, there is still no word from a lot of jobs. Me, Ian and Ste compared job agency nightmare stories, the worst one being Ste, who recieved the same email of rejection, from two different agencies, from two different jobs. Just seems a bit harsh that.

Least he’s heard something, I’ve yet to hear from a number of jobs, and my hopes aren’t up for them. Nevertheless, I’m not downhearted, I’m just trying to avoid my dad, who’s very much a person who wants everybody to work every day from the age 18 through to 65. The worst experience I have is that a company asked if I could bring my long birth certificate to an interview. I don’t know whether this is standard practice, but asking somebody to get an item worth (by my reckoning) £50 is a bit excessive. However, I am being kept busy, with a nice little programming project which I’m enjoying to bits (I started it about 3 years ago, but realised I didn’t have the knowledge to complete it. After 3 years of university, I feel I can).

On a lighter note, here are some of my other dissappointments found out within the last few years:-

  • “The Lobster Pot” Chippy in central Liverpool doesn’t actually sell any lobster.
  • Mince pies don’t contain mince.
  • The Christmas Cake/Wedding Cake debacle (ask Sarah, still bearing mental scars to this day).

I’m sure there are more, but at the moment, that’s all I can think off. Sure somebody will point out my stupidity someday.

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