October 30th, 2005
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Famous for 15 Minutes


As Andy Warhol said, “Everybody’s famous for 15 minutes”, hope mine wasn’t today, as it was disrupted by my mum. Eager that she heard her first born on the radio, she rang me as soon as my part was finished, and it switched to talking about University Of Glamorgan weblog…..


“Errr…thanks mum, but I’m still on the radio.”

“Thought your piece was finished?”

“Nope….there was a little bit at the close of the show. It’s known as sandwiching, did it all the time for the media part of my degree. Start with A, move onto B, maybe a C, but then come back to A to finish.”

“Oops, sorry.”

Bless her.

Today was my little piece on Mousemat, I was really kind of unsure of what to expect, as the interview itself offered little clues (whether it was a feature on blogging or a new regular feature about a specific blog). Four a clock came, and the show began.

Do I really sound like that? I know nobody (with the possible exception of Luciano Pavarotti) likes the sound of their own voices….but I never realised how lispy and nasally I sounded. My brother had the (unfair) reputation of sounding like somebody shoved a sock up his nose, but I sound like it too.

Apart from that, the piece went well. I feel I came across a little egotistical (which I suppose is expected, as I was talking about my own personal website), and they didn’t mention the fact that my mum found out about both A and Sarah through this blog. However just the fact that I’ve been on the radio has meant something to me, and came across generally pretty well.

Personally, whilst I know nothing major will come from it (no chance on being on Celebrity Big Brother next year or anything, which one of my mates will think), but it was fun diversion for me. I’ve got it on MP3, and my mum has it on tape. I’ve also printed out the website and put it into my “Big Red Book” – a book, that’s blue, which I’ve had since Sixth Form, which contains cards, personal messages, and that rare bank statement I have where my account doesn’t have a huge minus before it. It’s nice to think that people from all over Wales (which, I believe there are not enough bloggers….there probably are, but I haven’t found them) were listening to me. Probably not hanging on to every word I say, but listening nonetheless.

If you have come here from Mousemat….welcome! You may be able to help me find Double Chocolate Bars, y’know, as repayment for edutaining your Sunday afternoon.

If you are a regular reader, and haven’t heard the show, it’s repeated on Wednesday night at 6pm on the usual channels, or – failing that – you can click here to hear it for about the next week or so (I’m around 10 minutes in).

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