October 4th, 2005
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I Dunno What To Do, I’m Always In The Dark…..


Today, there was a partial solar eclipse across most of Britain and Europe. At best, the UK had 60% of coverage (Spain had an impressive 98%) and nothing really was noticable. It didn’t even go dark (though I was in a very bright office, where artificial light was giving me a headache), and due to the heavy cloud cover, there was fuck all chance of seeing it in Liverpool. As such, I shall talk about the one in 1999.

Solar Eclipses are unbelievably surreal, and should you get to experience one, do so. We were lucky, as we weren’t guarenteed totality, and were not aware, so we didn’t get any of those stupid glasses you see everywhere shilling before an event such as this. Nevertheless, there was very thin cloud, which shielded out much of the sunlight, which meant – with a bit of bravery – we could look at the sun safely (though I cannot be held responsible should you try this method and blind yourself, it’s dumb, I was young and foolish. Best look through a polaroid).

The other thing you notice is the small things, the way the birds make a hell of a lot of noise. The way animals looked confused. The way the lights all switch on. It’s like in a film, when something bad’s going to happen. But nothing does. Should you ever get the chance to see one, do so, and take pictures. Psychologically, it doesn’t seem dark, but I’ve pictures taken at midday, and it’s pitch black.

Which, all in all, made today’s no show very dissappointing.

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