October 13th, 2005
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Not-So-Rampant Rabbits


I was going to talk about the new girlfriend in this post, but I’ve decided on a major news story in the world today.

Youth feeds zoo rabbit to ‘gator

Yes, once again my old employment has hit the levels of national news (apparently appearing on Radio 1, no less) with a story about one of the rabbits in the Children’s Farm, being fed to a alligator, by a bunch of chavs.

Don’t know really what to say about it really. It’s pretty grusome, I understand. But the funniest thing is The Zoo’s Director complete over-reaction to the situation (apparently quoted as saying “I’ll be having trouble sleeping tonight”), turns what is a minor tragedy, and highlighing the further social decline of todays youth, into a story that’s actually quite amusing.

I mean, the Zoo does have problems. Namely security. It’s so easy to break in. Apparently, the youths (quoted on another article) “Climbed the wall of the zoo without paying”. Truth be told, you probably could walk in the back entrance of the zoo and nobody bat an eyelid, it’s not exactly Fort Knox. Lord knows I’ve done it before now (though it was to collect wages etc.).

The problem with the zoo is that it’s still living in the 1970′s. By god the people who work on a day to day basis work bloody hard keeping the place running. But, and I know that “A poor workman always blames his tools”, that place is falling apart at the seams, and it’s only a matter of time when somebody or another animal gets seriously injured, what with people breaking in at all hours to trash the place. Don’t believe me? We’ve had another break in over the summer.

It’s a vicious cycle of “Zoo loses money, zoo cuts security, animal dies, zoo adds security”, and the Zoo Director will probably have a “As heard on Radio 1″ banner up tomorrow. But until somebody erects a 40 meter electrified fence around the place (or hires a couple of security guard for the night, either way it’s good), that cycle is going to continue.

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