October 26th, 2005
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On The Air. Unaware.


Today I took an extended lunch break to record the interview for Mousemat. I had spent the quiet times in the call centre swatting up on my blogging knowledge, to hopefully avoid getting caught out. I went to the pub at lunchtime for a couple of calming pints of coke, and headed for the interview.

First thing I noticed about the BBC Merseyside studios were the size, they were tiny. Of course, never been in a radio studio before I had no idea what one looks like, I suppose I couldn’t pass judgement, nevertheless I expected bigger. I sat down, and prepared for the interview, and we were underway.

It was then I made my first mistake. One thing I’ve learnt in my time at the call centre (besides the Phonetic Alphabet) is how to talk down the phone. Now, as part of a habitual comfort when on the phone, I hunch over and bang my knuckles on the table. Of course, on the phone, the headset doesn’t pick it up. Unfortunately, a hugely powerful (and expensive) microphone designed for a major radio station does pick it up, and a few minutes of the recording has me gently knocking. No doubt it’ll get edited out before it airs, but nevertheless, it was teething trouble.

The interview went pretty well after that (which, for me, with no formal media training, is a suprise). There were no questions I couldn’t answer (though the question about my mum finding out about my girlfirends via this blog did take me by suprise), and I felt I came across as a nice guy, if slightly arrogent. I didn’t mention a few things such as blogging being theraputic, which was annoying, and also I think I suffered from the Wynne family trait of having a voice completely lacking in emotion (as well as the scream of “Christ, do I really sound like that?”.

I think the best thing about the whole experience was that I felt wanted. For the first time in my life I felt like people wanted my opinion, and actually they would (to some degree) fit around me to get it! That’s never happened before. To go back to the call centre, which – don’t get me wrong – is a nice job, was a bit of a let down. Come broadcast date, it’s kind of reassuring to know that there will be 5-10 minutes of Radio Wales about me.

Sorry, becoming a bit big-headed with it all. I won’t turn into some Diana Ross-esque diva and demand a Ferret Milk Bath or anything, I promise.

I recieved an e-mail from Nan explaining the airdate of the piece. Basically, it will be on BBC Radio Wales at around 4pm this Sunday (GMT). However, I think the show will be able for a week after broadcasting to listen to online. To recieve it, you need one of the following:-

There, you have no excuse not to listen to me!

Mum’s doing a recording on tape, and I’m going to try and get an MP3 of it (though would appreciate if somebody could tell me how, or do it themselves), just of my bit though, and just to keep for the grandchildren.

A…..please ignore that last statement.

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