October 25th, 2005
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Perfect Face For Radio


My job at the moment is a bit mundane. Sure, it’s fun, but nothing really blogworthy. Due to the Data Protection act, I cannot really give juicy details. What I can say is a very interesting un-work related development that occurred today.

On MSN mid-afternoon I spoke to my mum, and basically she said that a lady by the name of Nan Pickering, from Radio Wales had been in touch, and want me to contact them.

I got in touch with Nan, who explained to me that they want to feature me on a weekly program they do on the station, Mousemat.

They want me to talk about my blog, and why I blog, and why people read blogs. Just general chitchat about blogging really, don’t hugely know what to expect. I’ve been asked to prepare a selection of 3 or 4 sentences from posts on this blog that I can use (which sounds easy, but trying to find 3 sentences that don’t include swearing and are interesting is bloody hard). On top of this, I have spent a good few hours swotting up this evening, just so I’m not caught out. Not that I know I won’t (it’s a radio show, not a exam), but I feel I should do some preperation.

Anyway, the interview is in the studios of BBC Radio Merseyside, with it being pre-recorded and edited for the show (I have no idea when the show is, but I’ll let you know tomorrow). Needless to say, I am very excited. So’s my mum, who is gushing with typical maternal pride.

As I said, I will let you all know how I got on tomorrow, and when and where you can listen to it.

In other news: They don’t sell them in Tesco Metro in town.

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