October 6th, 2005
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SuperSober Me


A few days ago I went out, this is becoming far less common now that I’m working, but meh, thought it would be fun. Anyway, I got hammered over the course of not a long time. So, myself and my housemates have decided the unthinkable.

We’re giving up alcohol for 1 whole month.

Over time, this blog will chart the successes and failures of trying to give up the booze for 1 month. It’s fair to say that my liver has taken a hell of a pounding from the amber nectar the past 3 years, and – now that I’m earning – the liver will take even more. So, I’m now making a concentrated effort not to drink for a month.

How hard can it be? I mean, my brother gave up alcohol for lent, and that was in his first year (the reason was that he got thrown out – literally – of a club one night after passing out on the dance floor, oooh the secret’s out!), and he survived.

Luckily I’m not doing it alone, I’ve got two of my housemates to watch over me, Guy and Tom. Both of them will also be giving up beer for a month, with the end coming with a huge bender on bonfire night. Readers may remember it was Guy who joined me on my “Feed Me Till I Want No More” Take Away Fast For Lent. Now, it’s the big dog. Alcohol.

It does mean that I’m not drinking when Sarah comes down for her birthday, I’m sure she’ll live.

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