October 2nd, 2005
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The Only Thing That Rhymes with Australia, is Failure!


Not wanting to turn this blog into a Jerry Springer-esque rant, but one of the things Sarah couldn’t stand about me is my distinct lack of spontineuity. Apart from the kiddies party and the odd game of “Landing Cricket” last year, spontaneous moments were few and far between.

Until this year.

We got a new housemate this year, who has become a catalyst for all things random. In the past week we have done some random stuff including, but not limited too:-

Decorated each room in the house with a welcome message from Brian Blessed (that’s the one on my door)….

Made Skittles Vodka. Which was not very nice.

We have also had some of the most random conversations. Such mysteries as “Where are the 1000 Islands that make up 1000 Island Dressing?” have been discussed. Hours have been spent down the pub discussing situations like this. The Athelete Kings Tournament has seen a revival from last year, and all sorts of wonderful things like that. So much so that when 5 o’clock comes, I’m REALLY looking forward to getting home, as I know some crazy madcap scheme will occur.

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