October 28th, 2005
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The Treble


Today I completed a treble of domestic cups that I’ve held. Basically, for the unaware (largely American) audience, there are 3 major domestic cups contested in the English football leagues: The Premiership, The FA Cup and The Carling Cup.

I had previously held the Premiership trophy at a “Manchester United Day”, held at that area of great local support of Manchester United, Boddlewyddan Castle. It was at the height of Man U’s success (which, coincidentally, was the height of my support of them), and I was eager to meet the “Superstars of the greatest football team in the world”. It turned out to be Denis Irwin and Andrei Kanchelskis. I was hoping for Ryan Giggs, but beggars can’t be choosers. It was the season that Man U won the Premiership, so they had it on display, and you could hold it. I did, and got the photo (somewhere). It was when I was around 10-ish, so I had huge buffon esque hair, and probably not going to put the picture up.

The FA Cup I’ve held twice: Once was the old FA Cup in Geordies Garage in Llandudno (don’t ask me why they had it), the second time was sometime last year, when it was in Liverpool. Both relatively uneventful, but it’s notches on the bedpost. The first time obviously was impressive (though it was an old FA Cup, not the one currently in circulation), but the second time (whilst it was the FA Cup), just didn’t seem as impressive.

The Carling/Worthingtons/Coca-Cola/Rumbelows/Milk/League Cup – for some reason – was in Liverpool (the only time it will be this season…..mwhah). Guy let me know it was in the University bar. After much persuasion, threatening and even bribing of Guy (he has a bad throat, I have Strepsils….make of it what you will), I found out he wasn’t interested, having just seen it himself. So I took Mike with me instead.

Look at that! I’ve completed the domestic treble. In your face Mourinho!

One thing I did notice was the distinct lack of security surrounding the cup. The FA Cup and the Premiership had about 3 or 4 bodyguards surrounding the cup, and you had to stay a designated distance away from it, and you weren’t actually allowed to hold it too high. The Carling Cup (know as “The Worthless Cup” during it’s time when sponsored by Worthingtons) however had one security guard, who looked like he didn’t want to be there, and you could just almost walk out with it.

Still, it provided a talking point for here.

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