November 20th, 2005
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A Perfect Circle


“I’m going to be a bit late hunnie”, A said, “you get something to eat, and I’ll meet you in 20 minutes.”

So I toddled off to do a little bit of shopping in a number of stores (nearly finished my Christmas shopping already. Go me!). I went into all the shops that A would find boring (i.e. video games shops), and in one….I saw it.

A blooming XBox 360, all shiny and new.

It’s ‘released’ in this country in a few weeks, on December 2nd. Well, I say released, it’ll be a bugger to get hold of before Christmas. Nevertheless, I was dying to have a go.

Unfortunately for me, some bloody pesky kids were on it for ages. Those kids just stood there and played over and over and over again, oblivious to the huge queue forming behind them. Those kids probably had no friends. How would I know? I was exactly the same at their age. I’d spend ages playing Street Fighter 2 on the SNES in Dixons when I was little.

Anyway, this kid was playing some wierd explorey type game where the fairy could transform itself into a armadillo and go rolling around the landscape. Kind of like a non-linear but shit Sonic really. Wasn’t too impressed by anything but the graphics. Which lies the inherent problem with games these days.

Which therein lies the inherent problem.

With the exception of Civilization, Mario Party and Football Manager. I don’t find games that interesting anymore. I know it’s not that – as my dad wishes it was – that I’ve outgrown them. I know people double my age who play videogames, and there is still a spark there which has me transfixed to the screen (Metal Gear 3 had me hooked). But, if I’m to buy a new console, it’ll probable be a Gamecube.

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