November 7th, 2005
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Back Home….


Apologies for the lack of updates, I’ve actually been (suprise suprise) very busy. It was my Mum & Dad’s 25th wedding anniversary and my Dad’s 50-something birthday (coincidence? I think not, my mum made sure that my dad got married on a date he will remember). We had tea in our local which was for me a pan-fried salmon fillet with curried sweet potato risotto (none of this half rice, half chips bollocks at our pub!) and copious amounts of alcohol.

I also saw one of my old school teachers. Dunno why it suprised me, as I suppose teachers have lives outside of school, I just never pictured it. Unfortunately he didn’t seem to recognise me, and I didn’t feel compelled to go upto him and say “do you remember me?” as, although he taught me Biology all the way through school until A-Level, he couldn’t remember my name. Well, he eventually did, but he said to me “That’s nice work Nick” in Year 10, and old wounds don’t heal.

Anywho, the other thing I want to talk about is concerning a very old coat of mine:

That’s the beaver. I said for Christmas I wanted a smarter coat, as lime green does not match my eyes. So we went shopping to Llandudno and my mum bought myself one. Then, via warped rationale, she said I needed my coat now, and gave the coat to me there and then! It’s such a nice warm coat – admittedly, the hood isn’t as good as ol’ limey – but it more than makes up with the fact it isn’t a horrible colour.

Finally, there was one special girl I saw over the weekend, and no A, don’t get scared!

Isn’t she lovely?

More to the point, isn’t he hungover?

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