November 28th, 2005
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Girl, I wanna take you to a gay bar…….


Happy Monday everybody! This weekend was spent in Chester, with the lovely Alyson. She was chuffed that I gave her a present (a Krazyhouse pin badge, obtained from the Kray the night before, when it was Will’s birthday), and – in a break from the normal “curl up in front of a movie” Saturday night, we hit the town for a little while.

We started off by playing pool in the Chester SU bar (which, to be honest, is nothing like the one in Hollyoaks), and went to a few other bars. Much joy was had.

The funniest thing came after leaving the last bar – Alyson suddenly decided she needed the loo. As we were heading towards the takeaway, we thought “hmm…there should be a bar open, what with the new licencing laws and all”

We found a bar for which to use the restroom facilites. “Are you still open?” we said to the bouncer. He stood, looking at us, then said “You two don’t look like you cause any trouble.”, and then we walked in.

I’ve walked past that pub numerous times since I’ve started seeing Alyson in Chester, and I’ve always liked the look of it. It looks very homely, a proper old man’s style pub, with log fire, old fruit machines and Sky Sports. So, what harm could it do?

Walked in, we got a realisation though. There were men. Lots of men. All dancing with the style and penache not usually associated with our gender. There was a DJ too, with hair that looked like he was from Dragonball Z. He was playing Vengaboys.

Alyson after looking around briefly headed for the nearest loos (which were unisex), I waited around outside, I would of had a drink, but the bar was choca. Instead I surveyed my surroundings. It was almost exclusively men, with a few women located in another room, and they kept themselves separate, like it was my 1995 Ysgol Pen-Y-Bryn school disco all over again. Alyson came out of the toilet, and we made our exit, passing a couple of men on a couch, who looked at us funny for holding hands. The bouncer, who was pretty big, greeted us with the phrase “oooh that was a quick one, wasn’t it?”, referring to the ‘drink’ we were supposed to have had. We turned and headed home, then – almost simultaneously – we questioned each other….

“That was a gay pub, wasn’t it?”

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