November 29th, 2005
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Spending A Penny…..


Saturday was Buy Nothing Day. In a two finger salute to those who insist on thrusting Christmas on us in August, Buy Nothing Day works by – suprise suprise – not buying anything for 24 hours. Unfortunately, as Alyson lives in Chester and I am a pathetic alcoholic, the fact I had to buy essentials such as train ticket and beer meant that the chance of me not spending any money was slim at best.

Fast forward to yesterday when – only half way through the day – I realised that I hadn’t spent a penny. If I could walk home from work and abuse the free hot chocolate machine at work and not be roped into a visit to the casino, maybe, just maybe I can achieve something I haven’t achieved in about three years, a day whereby I don’t spend a penny.

Lo and behold, I did it.

I spend money on everything, books, food, bus fare, and so on. By actually walking to work and home I saved myself £1.80, and god knows what else. I played Bullseye DVD Game (which is rubbish by the way) instead of going to the pub.

And I had a healthy tea.

It would be interesting to see just how much money I spend a week or month just on things such as buses, beer and tasty snacks, and how that compares with other people. I’m not sure if it is blogworthy just saying “I didn’t spend a penny yesterday”, but – as this is my blog – I felt the need to tell you all.

Don’t you feel special?

EDIT: Unfortunately, this post means diddily squat as I did spend the bank-breaking figure of 40p listing some items on ebay. So help me make back the 40p by seeing if you would like any of these items for Christmas. Bid high, bid hard, bid often!

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