November 15th, 2005
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You cut her hair (part 2)…..


Since the age of around 15, that’s what my hair looks like. I’ve always tried to keep it short, for the simple reason that I can’t be arsed doing anything with it, so by keeping it short means that there’s no need for wax, gel or even much shampoo. It also comes from the fact that at school my nickname was “Afro”, which I wasn’t happy about.

Now is a different story. Due to the fact that I cannot justify spending money on a haircut, I’ve let it grow a bit wild. Still no gel or wax, just shampoo and conditioner (you see I’m so poor I have to buy separate shampoo and conditioner). Generally, this has been well recieved, as I know A likes playing with hair (another scary resembelence between her and Sarah), so more hair equals more happy ladies. I also wanted to experiement with what’s been known as the “James Blunt Look”*, which seems to be oh so popular these days, as I think it could suit me.

However, a friend is pestering me to get my haircut, but I’m unsure what to do. I like the low matainance of my old haircut, but my head’s nice and warm. A (I think) loves my hair. That’s nice, but she also think this is attractive.

So her opinion can not be trusted. Plus, if it gets wet, my hair smells like a wet cat, which isn’t nice at all.

But I’m unsure really, should I cut my hair or let it grow for a bit?

Of course, if I can somehow maintain the sexy straight soft feeling of my hair which is achieved after leaving the shower, then I’m not touching it.

* I don’t like James Blunt though, I think he’s a…James Blunt.

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