December 5th, 2005
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Bye Bye My Apple Pie


Morning everybody. This weekend was spent with Alyson who came down to stay for a night, playing the recently purchased Pirates! (which is amazingly good fun), and going to the quiz.

The Hope and Anchor quiz is a weekly occurance. Teams of any number compete to win a crate of beer, a certain amount of money and some groceries. To win one of the grocery prizes if you managed to get a line across the Blockbusters stylee-board, the money is won by getting a question nearest to the correct answer (the question was last night: “How many white keys are on a piano?” The answer was 52, the closest was 51), and the beer is won by whoever gets the most questions correct.

One of the grocery was a selection of Asda Apple Pies. We managed to beat a number of teams, including a team that managed 8/40. According to them:-

  • The capital of Hong Kong is Beijing.
  • The biggest office (in land area) in the world is the CNN tower.
  • There’s no point going for a field goal in American Football, as it’s worth 0 points.

We won the Apple Pies (and did pretty average in the quiz), but we were dissappointed. Here’s the box for them:-

Mmmmm….don’t they look tasty?!?! With their puff pastry top. Well, unfortuantely, that wasn’t the case.

There is no puff pastry top! How dare they! Now, you probably think that this isn’t worth complaining about, but if anybody has studied the thermodynamics of apple pies may know that sticking them in a microwave without a puff pastry top will cause them to explode. Which they did.

Asda – if I’m not busy – will recieve an angry email.

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