December 31st, 2005
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Christmas 2005: The Photo Tour!!!


No I’m not drunk yet. I explain at the end, but instead of doing one of those looks back of the year, I’m going to instead show you pictures of my Christmas. Aren’t you lucky.

This is my Christmas Tree. It happens to be the most homosexual Christmas tree in the world. I mean, look at it!!! It’s white! Sorry, but I like my tea hot, my beer cold and my christmas trees green.

Me, Rick and Bonnie on Christmas Eve, watching the Celebrity Football Challenge Quiz on Sky. Notice my face, and how ill I look. I was not well, not well at all, and it seems that so many people were in my boat over the festive period. Well, by many, I know Alyson greeted be with 3 sneezes when I rang her, and Sarah was a bit rough too. Comes with the season, get some Vit C inside you.

When Christmas Day came, we began opening presents in earnest. Notice the look on my face when I open a DVD which I already had. Grrr…..

Of course, it was Bonnie’s first Christmas too, and here she is enjoying one of her new toys, which lasted approximately 24 seconds before breaking.

After Christmas Dinner, Bonnie caught me under the mistletoe. Notice the glass in my hand, it is white wine. For the first time since “The Chester Incident”, I’ve drunk white wine. Thank goodness the trains weren’t running that day.

The remnants of the Turkey after Christmas Day. Okay, it wasn’t the size of Ally’s, but it’s only just been finished today, with my dad eating the legs. I haven’t had any of the turkey leftovers, due to me not actually liking it too much.

So that was Christmas 2005. I’ll remember it with two unanswered questions: “Did that kid really say ‘fuck’ on Hard Spell?” and “Just when are the bins coming?” (as of today, they still haven’t been emptied for around two weeks).

And this brings an end to my blog in 2005. As of now, I have no plans for what I’m actually doing for the night, and there may be the scary premonition that I could be spending it indoors for the first time since the age of 10. I hope it doesn’t come to that. Nevertheless, 2005 has been a brilliant year for me, with one night in May, my graduation, Alyson coming into my life (she really is that amazing), Coldplay and me being on the radio being the personal highlights for me.

This next year should be interesting. I’ve got a few things planned (including working so much between now and May so that I can have the World Cup off), and I’ve applied for a few proper jobs which the applications are currently being processed. Who knows where I’ll be, what I’ll doing and who’ll be with me this time next year. All I know is that I can’t wait to find out.

Happy new year everybody. All the best.

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