December 8th, 2005
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Firefox? Fucked….


Last night, I downloaded the new Firefox v1.5. I love Firefox, and I can’t see how anybody else would not find it useful. I converted Sarah, on my way to converting Alyson, and was so chuffed when Tom’s new girl (she’s not technically his girlfriend) was chuffed to bits when she found out that Tom used it (as a direct result of yours truly). If I ruled the world, and here’s hoping, it would be on every single computer.

However, I downloaded the new version, and I felt something I thought I never would.


Hell, I love Firefox so much that is probably my fault (I downloaded the US version, not the English conversion, as it’s not out yet. By virtue of Progressive Geographical Bug Fixing), but it’s being dead arsey with my computer.

I would like to keep it, as I’ve updated almost all of my extensions associated with it, but if anybody’s got any ideas of what’s gone wrong, I will resort to the good ol’ blighty version.

Firstly, I’m having trouble viewing certain images. The images are mainly on reputable sites (such as the Beeb’s website) which I know are not broken links , as I’ve tried them on **shudder** internet explorer.

The second, and more worrying problem is that it’s seemingly incompatible with Flash. I have been to a number of websites with Flash and none of them seems to work. It meant that the link that Fern posted a few days ago which can recognise people’s faces didn’t work, and I had to view it in **shudder** internet explorer. (Incidentally, I came out looking like Gabriel Batistuta and James Dean, I so rule).

If anybody has any ideas on why that’s not working, they would be greatfully recieved.

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