December 28th, 2005
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I am Saleing


Today, we did the annual 3 days after everybody else Wynne tradition, and hit the sales.

Well, I say hit, it was more of a light brush and an apology. Never really been one for the January sales, as I rarely pick up something which I like. I picked up “Civilization: Call To Power” for a pound 2 years ago and “Mortal Kombat: Deception” for £7.99 last December. This concludes one thing, that should the title have a colon in it, then you’re getting a saving. When it comes to your pocket, Colon’s = Cash!

The newsies have been proclaiming the past few days how the sales have been a minor miracle for the high street, who – with the combined effect of internet shopping, the stagnent economy and the fact that it’s far easier getting a CD of Bittorrent – have taken a battering recently. Shops are reporting upto 80% off ‘highly desirable goods’.

After visiting Llandudno today, I call bullshit.

Take HMV, who has a “Massive” Sale on. Which is fair enough, providing you have an interest in the following areas:-

  • Keep Fit Videos fronted by Soap ‘babes’/Reality TV ‘stars’ (to lose the turkey tummy, no doubt)
  • Movies that have been on TV recently
  • Books by Dan Brown.
  • Any computer game with the words “EA”, “FIFA”, “NHL”, “Madden” and|or “Shit” on it (god do I hate EA Games. Challenge Everything? Craptize Everything more like. If they were a foodstuff, they’d be Turkey Twizzlers).

As none of those things appeal to me, I had no desire to spend my hard won cash.

Except on one thing. For some peculuar reason, the shops reckon that Christmas and New Years Eve are on the same day. With that in mind, they knocked down all of their calendars, including the Lucy Pinder one I was hoping for. I would of bought it at the princley sum of £2.99, had my mum not been with me. It’s not the fact that I don’t want her to know I’m a red blooded male, oh no. It was just that I think she’d get upset if she finds out her highland cow calender won’t be put to good use.

I’ll wait until I’m back in Liverpool….

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