December 24th, 2005
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Nadolig Llawen I Chi Gyd


Twas the night before Chrismas,

And all through the house,

Not a creature was sober,

Not even the mouse.

Rhys was bored wating,

For Christmas to arrive.

“I could throw a big party in here.”

“As I cannot drive.”

He rang up Alyson

To invite her to this feat

“Bring plenty of alcohol,” he said

“And some nice tasty treats.”

Alyson arrived with the booze,

And the treats and all.

“Excellent” I said “I’ll ring the numbers,”

“For the third annual Bloggers Ball!”

First to arrive was Ally

With plenty of food for free.

“Don’t get excited” She says, struggling

“It’s my leftover turkey.”

Next was Sarah, walking through the door.

“Any coffee? Or am I out of luck?”

“Alas no”, Rhys answers, “Nay mind.”

“I’ve brought my own from Starbucks.”

Jenny and Jacob and Lottie were next.

They’re the people from Punclox.

“It’s great”, says Jake, “but maybe next year”

“Rhyme us with something else, bar socks.”

Mike, Ian and Pete arrived as well.

As did Roland, Loki and Vicky from Japan.

People came from far and wide to attend.

Including Fern and Dan.

The reason? To see him,

The man who makes Christmas tick.

As, dead on Midnight, he came down the chimney.

Jolly old St. Nick.

“You always have the best party.

And this time, it’s such a sight.

So Merry Christmas to one and all.

And to all, a fucking good night!”

Merry Christmas to all my readers.

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