December 7th, 2005
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Silence Is Golden


My alarm (which plays the theme from Zelda, I’m so cool) awoke me at quarter to eight for the usual time. Slumberarily, I awoke:-

“Yawn! Fuck! It hurts to yawn! Fuck! It hurts to talk!”

The world breathed a sigh of relief, as I was destined to partake in an impromptu unsponsored silence. Nevertheless, the folks at the call centre would probably not pay me for sitting there in silence, so I took a day off. “Brilliant!” I thought (as I couldn’t speak) “A day off!”.

My, how wrong I was.

Anybody knows me knows that I’m a loud bastard. No, not with tender moments in the bedroom (I’m usually quietly greatful), just generally. It drove my old boss and my brother insane, the fact I’m loud. If you can’t sing good, sing loud. That’s me. With the absence of a chalkboard, I was struggling through lunch by clicking my fingers or sending text messages to people sat at the opposite side of the table to me (two of my housemates are half deaf, so any form of whispering was impossible).

The worst thing though was the post office, which was just painful. If you listen intently, you could just hear me. However, with thick bomb proof glass, I was struggling.

The other thing that bothered me was “How did I manage as a student?”. I sat around the house doing nothing. I hope I’m not turning into my dad who has to do something for every working minute, but after watching a rubbish game show called Sudo-q, I sat around doing nothing. Nada. Zip. Zero. In the end, I got a bit bored and went out, but I honestly thought like I was throwing my life away. I shudder to think how I coped being a student.

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