December 13th, 2005
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Somewhere To Call Home


Do you ever give money directly to the homeless?
From a young age I was told not to. The “homeless” in Colwyn Bay when I was little were actually beggers, often with a roof over their head. I did give 10p to one once, and he followed me down the street asking me for more money. Personally, and this is quite harsh, but I just don’t know what my 10p was used for. However recently, on the way to work, I saw about 3 or 4 people in front of me give to this homeless guy in the street. I don’t know why I thought this was peculular, just I was taught not to give to the homeless.

If I was feeling in a good mood, I would generally subscribe to Sarah’s theory of giving to the homeless. She generally bought a soup or a bacon butty for them. She said that – in general – they’re extremely happy to recieve that. I could see Alyson subscribing to that theory, but – knowing what a kind hearted soul she is – she’d probably welcome them with open arms, piggy back them back home, bathe them, cook them a full meal and send them back onto the street with a hat, scarf and a bag of tasty treats.

I mean, I always try and treat people with a general bit of respect. If people are homeless and ask for change, I do smile and apologise. There was an incident in the first year where a homeless guy came upto us on the street and asked for change. Instead of giving it to them, one of the students in front of me (generally the kind which I don’t get on with, who only got into university because daddy paid for him) threw money at the poor fellow and laughed in his face. I just couldn’t do that to anybody, it just doesn’t seem right.

Sometime in the future, I’d probably give to some homeless charities, as I believe that, given a little bit of a push in the right direction, those who are homeless could make a success of their life. Not that they will be the next Bill Gates or anything, but they could easily get a roof over their head. I don’t at the moment, as I’m not horrendously well off myself (don’t flame me with the “well, these people have nothing” arguement) and – in my opinion – charity begins at home.

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