December 14th, 2005
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The Good, The Bad and The Scrabbling


Hello! Just thought I’d let you know a few things that’s happening at the moment in my life.

  • I think I’m far too forgetful. I don’t know, I’ve been detatched from my family for near enough the past two months, and things that happened in the summer I cannot remember. What am I talking about? Monday I’m going to see Coldplay! It had completely slipped my mind. Luckily I was able to book Tuesday morning off as I’ll probably stay in Manchester that day, and I feel so excited. Also, Richard Ashcroft (front man of the Verve) is also performing. That’s two more of the bands I’d like to see crossed off. Only Radiohead, Oasis and Muse remain!
  • Secondly the bad. Last Thursday we took in one of my mates who’s having trouble with a few of his housemates. I’ve been debating how to post this, so I will. We all went out for a few beverages largely to give him a night out, and then he came back to ours, and ‘for a laugh’ woke me up at 2am, and ransacked my room. I was seething and was wide awake for another hour. I spoke to him the next day and promised to return the stuff, but still thought it was funny. At no point did he apologise for what he done, as it hurt. It’s not nice to have stuff stolen, even if it’s still somebody you knew, and the way he did it was pathetic. Yesterday I talk about respect for people. I lost a lot of respect for him last Thursday.
  • Finally, I have been playing Scrabble again, with the new Internet Scrabble Club. It evokes memories of a simpler time back in High School, when I was in the Scrabble club, and represented my school in the North West finals, that was covered by the Young Telegraph. We finished second, thanks largely to us winning three games. By us, I mean my partner, who won all three games. I lost my three. The Young Telegraph had a bit of a field day to make the media trouble surrounding Alex Ferguson light. Beaten, I existed a Bobby Fisher style existence for the rest of my days, (by only playing scabble over the internet, not the fact I deny the Holocaust or anything like that). On ISC I’m known as “rhyswynne”. Challenge me should you join. And dare.

And that’s that. No word on anything more interesting in my life. But you’d be the first to know. Or second. More likely tenth.

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